Twitter extrication

Today was my last day using Twitter, unless something changes entirely. I have done the following, and suggest others do the same:

  • Went through all of my connected applications to make sure that everything that I was using Twitter to log into now has a username/password login; the only two things I couldn’t fix on my own were Webtoon (which I don’t care about) and Imgur (which I hardly ever use), so hopefully I can get their respective support folks to help me out
  • Disabled my ifttt Twitter autopost stuff, so this blog entry will not show up there
  • Disabled my Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter connection
  • Folded my account into my actual Mastodon account, since there were a bunch of people following me on one but not the other, and the only reason I had the one was for Twitter-crossposting purposes
  • Discovered I had literally hundreds of pending follow requests from, mostly spammers or thrown-away “just checking out Mastodon” posts from a year or two ago, gah
  • Posted a transitional post to my #novembeat thread which moves my remaining posts over there; however I’m not sure if this will actually work, because of how Mastodon threads work, and I might have to just start a new thread or something

Anyway, I won’t be deleting/deactivating my Twitter account just yet, because I suspect that would make “login with Twitter” stop working on both this site and the Novembeat site (where it’s a supported login mechanism for the submissions system). I have no plans to discontinue support for that, although I look forward to a future where it isn’t necessary anymore.

On that note, I don’t have any automated way to migrate logins from Twitter to something else (although it’s been a requested feature in Publ), but on the plus side my access request system works pretty well and I’m happy to manually migrate/add more identities as appropriate.

Anyway. Yeah. Twitter.


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