An immediate addendum

So, I was willing to give Sahil the benefit of the doubt; I thought he might have simply been NFT-curious or keeping his options open. But that’s just because I wasn’t looking.

And this especially eyerolling/nauseating one:

So, yeah.

When Gumroad raised its first round of post-VC funding, it did so by seeking out the creators who used the platform. This means that a sizable chunk of Gumroad is likely owned by folks who, like me, believed in Gumroad’s mission, and thus many of them are likely anti-NFT.

So this raises an interesting possibility: Could there be enough anti-NFT investors to maintain a voting block that ousts Sahil or at least restructures/recharters the company such that control is in the hands of the creators that want Gumroad to be, you know, good?

I assume Sahil is still a majority shareholder, and also given that the crowdfunding platform itself is extremely pro-NFT/crypto this will probably be a losing battle, but it’s one worth fighting.

(Many thanks to those who brought this to my attention.)


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