Moved in!

Oh gosh the last few days have been a thing.

But hey, I’m moved in. I don’t have (proper) Internet yet, but that’s coming in tomorrow.

In the meantime, I needed to set up my new Roomba, and it can only do its full setup1 via a phone app, which requires an Internet connection and local wifi to work. Fortunately, I found my router, and I have my desktop computer set up, and macOS makes it easy to share an Internet connection from one interface to another…

… so I enabled my phone’s hotspot, connected my desktop’s wifi to the phone, shared my desktop’s wifi to ethernet, plugged the ethernet into the uplink port on my router, and then connected my phone back to the router.

Somehow it all works! It’s going through like three layers of NAT and the phone ends up doing double-duty in the most roundabout stop-hitting-yourself way, but now my Roomba is set to wake everyone up at 9 AM, probably scaring the crap out of my cats who have never seen a Roomba in their lives.

Oh also I named the Roomba “Wooster,” because I felt like “Jeeves” was played out. Plus, Roombas are a bit more bumbling.

Anyway, wow, my home is full of boxes and chaos. But amazingly, everything I wanted to keep fit just fine, somewhere at least. The basement isn’t even that full! The only disappointment is that my tall bookcase from the dining room was literally two inches too tall for my living room but fortunately there’s a slot in the carport which is just about perfect for it, so now I have ridiculously expensive/fancy shelving in the carport. So I guess the random bags of crap that live on it can feel special for being on an $1800 shelf made of reclaimed hardwood from railway ties. (Sigh…)

Oh, I did leave some stuff behind, though. My dining table is WAY too big for my new dining room, and the couches I had in the dining room also have served their purpose and are now going to just be crappy staging furniture. Also the entertainment center, which I’ve had for 15 years and it’s worn out its welcome, so now it’s there to showcase the living room.

I also left most of my rugs behind, in the short term for staging anyway. I might reclaim two of them when my condo sells, but they’re ones that I bought way back in 2004 and they aren’t great or anything, but they’ll be nice as flooring in my recording studio (just for the sound dampening).

Also, the basement is feeling very comfortable as a place to set up a short-term studio after all. It’ll be nice to have the money to build a proper studio building when my condo sells, though. Also I really want to redo the kitchen and bathroom in the main house and that’ll be a lot easier to do if I have an outbuilding with a kitchen and bathroom as a spare so I can, y'know, cook/clean/pee while those parts of my house are out of commission. As much as I’d like to get the house’s kitchen and bathroom Perfect as soon as possible, there’s nothing so dire that they have to be redone right away, anyway.

  1. It’s worth pointing out that the app isn’t required for the robot to work at all; without the app you can still press the button to do a manual cleaning, and it’ll do as many cleaning cycles as necessary to clean the house; I’d actually set it up on Tuesday and had it do an initial carpet cleaning that way, and it worked fine. But without the app you can’t set a schedule or configure focus/avoid zones, so I wanted to get that working sooner rather than later. 


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