Taking possession

Today I took possession of the house! The seller still has some belongings to move out (which she’ll do tomorrow) but today I went down and started to get ready for my move-in. In particular I delivered my new standing desk, installed some smoke detectors (for some reason there weren’t any in the dwelling, just one in the basement), and planned where I’d install my Ethernet jacks. I also explored some of the facets which I had some questions about.

The kitchen is in okay condition but I’ll want to be redoing it in a couple of years, I think. There’s nothing urgent to do there and most of the issues I can put short-term fixes on, at least. Also, the kitchen appliances aren’t nearly as new as I thought; the stove and refrigerator seemed brand-new but they’ve clearly been around a while after all. I’ll still probably want to just move them into the studio building when I get that built, though.

In the entire house there’s only a single phone jack, in the kitchen. I’m not sure if I’ll want to install the ghost phone on it but it should be fine. The main issue I ran into is I’m unable to find the TNI for the house; I suspect it’s in the attic. When Centurylink comes next Friday to install my fiber connection I’ll have to ask about that, since without a second phone jack I have nowhere to plug my ATA in. I think I found the wire that goes to the jack itself in the basement but I’m not sure (although the ideal setup would of course be to have the ATA in the basement with the rest of my networking gear) and I’m certainly not going to just splice it willy-nilly.

On the note of networking gear, since I don’t know where the fiber connection is most likely to come in, I’m not sure where to put my network head-end. I guess it doesn’t really matter that much since no matter where the ONT goes I can just run ethernet to my router. Ideally the ONT will go in the basement, though!

Also, the battery on my cordless drill is pretty crappy at this point. Maybe I should just buy a new (corded) drill at Harbor Freight or something. I’m pretty sure it won’t hold out for drilling all of my network ports.

Oh! Also, I met the next-door neighbor, who plays Gene Simmons in a KISS tribute band. He’s pretty neat and I think we’re gonna get along really well.

I also explored town a little bit, mostly to get an idea of, like, food and stuff. As I suspected, the road to QFC/Safeway/Target isn’t bike-friendly at all, and the road to Saar’s is incredibly hilly, like to the point that I don’t think my electric bike would be able to handle it (and my knees definitely wouldn’t). So, I guess I’ll be driving to get groceries after all.

White Center feels very much like the small town that it is, and it’s definitely going to take some getting used to! But this’ll be a fun adventure.

Anyway, I’m already accumulating projects that I want to do in my new house. In addition to wanting to update the kitchen, the bathroom needs a lot of love (at the very least it needs a new sink cabinet, and there’s some side cabinets which could be replaced with more effective usage of space). Plus there’s the huge list of things to fix from the building inspection.

But jeeze. After a bit over 8 years in this condo, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that in just a few days I’ll be living somewhere else! I’m trying not to get overwhelmed by all this.


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