Illness status

Wow, yesterday I wasn’t doing so good. So much so that I forgot to actually git push that last entry, whoops.

Anyway. I slept for about 12 hours, and woke up feeling somewhat better. My cough is mostly cleared up, and the headache and fatigue that’s been affecting me for the past week or so is mostly gone as well.

I still took it easy, and also out of an abundance of caution I took advantage of QFC’s grocery delivery service, which was a pretty decent experience. Not something I’d do normally and not a thing I intend to keep on doing, but, y'know. It was helpful in this circumstance.

My refrigerator is well-stocked, at least, although I still don’t have much of an appetite. I’ve mostly been subsisting on crackers, seltzer, and cranberry juice.

I continue to test negative on at-home rapid tests. Given the symptoms I was experiencing as well as the timeline I have a hard time believing it wasn’t COVID, though. I know the at-home rapid tests only register for a certain viral load (which is pretty high with the current variants), and I’ve heard rumblings that the primer used for PCR tests is also very outdated at this point as well.

I absolutely credit the vaccine with keeping me from getting worse, though, and if you haven’t been vaccinated at this point and are able to be, please reconsider. If I hadn’t been vaccinated this would have definitely gone much worse for me, and also, please try to stop the spread, y'know?

There is a potluck this Thursday celebrating the opening of the local pottery studio and I don’t want to miss it but at the same time I’m worried I’ll still be sick and possibly contagious. I let the owner know, and she said that since I’m not testing positive and since it’ll be outside she doesn’t have a problem with me coming.

If I decide to go, I’ll need to figure out what to bring. I hadn’t really considered the potluck when it came to my grocery delivery so I’ll need to get creative, I think. I could probably do something interesting with potatoes and eggs, but I don’t have any milk or cream on-hand (just oat milk, which doesn’t seem right for a gratin). I don’t want to compromise on my principles by going to the grocery store right now, though.

I guess one the salad kits I bought could work, though. Nobody ever brings salad to these things. And I don’t think people actually care about the amount of effort put into the food, it’s more about like. Folks coming together and sharing, and holy shit two cakes.

Anyway, I just realized it’s about 2 AM and even though I slept 12 hours last night I am still, y'know. Tired.


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