I might have a problem

I haven’t even put printer #3 through its paces yet, and I’ve just bought printer #4. Fortunately it’ll be a while before it gets here, and also I’ve been wanting a ceramic printer for even longer than I’ve been wanting a resin printer.

But, jeeze.

Anyway I both bought the printer and an extra bed, and also an extra extruder assembly with the notion of possibly converting a larger-format printer into ceramic printing. Or food printing, which this is apparently usable for too!

BTW don’t watch the 3D Printing Nerd unboxing stream (which is, admittedly, how I found out about this); it’s infuriating to watch. Not only did he not level the print bed before printing, but he tried drying the ceramic in the microwave and of course it exploded. To be fair there are a couple of build quality issues but hopefully they’ll get sorted out before shipping.

Also the microwave kiln is pretty tiny (and I don’t have a microwave anyway, or even space to put one) but I bought that anyway, just in case I end up having a use for it. I’ll probably just end up building a kiln in the back yard or something. Maybe it can serve a dual purpose as a pizza oven.

EDIT: Oh wait, right, I could also probably ask these fine folks if I can rent space in their kiln. Their studio space is just up the street from me!

EDIT 2: They do, in fact, offer kiln rental, and wow it’s cheap


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