Normalcy returning?

My symptoms have mostly cleared up, so I went out to get some cat food and cat litter. At the store everything seemed like it was back to normal; the crowd wasn’t quite as massive as usual for a Sunday afternoon, but the shelves were, for the most part, well-stocked. The canned beans section was still somewhat depleted (but there was still plenty to go around), and paper products and bottled water were back to normal stock levels. Hand soap was a bit scarce (and there was a “limit 5 per order” sign prominently placed there) and hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol were completely out. I didn’t think to check the rice section, though. Anyway I did end up buying some more hand soap since I’m running low. Just the usual amount1 I’d need for a reasonable amount of time, of course.

And while I was feeling up to it I finally got around to doing a Sodastream canister exchange at Bartell’s. I only went to the Sodastream section and also picked up some of their actually-sugar-based-we-mean-it raspberry mint syrup2 so I didn’t check their product availability myself, but while checking out the cashier handled a phone call and said, “Sorry, we’re out,” and then after hanging up said, “If I had a dime…”

  1. Namely, two bars of nice honey-almond hand soap (whose stocks weren't threatened) and one bottle of liquid foaming hand soap. Which will last me another year or so. 

  2. It mostly tastes of mint, with a hint of raspberry. I wanted to get the cola syrup but that prominently advertises its "lavender flavor" so I was worried I'd be allergic to it, and I wasn't willing to risk $10 on yet another soda syrup I was likely to have to throw out


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