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A fresh coat of paint!

4 years ago

Things look different around here, don’t they?

This website is now powered by Publ, a CMS I’ve been building specifically to suit my needs for content management. There’s still a lot to do on the other site sections, but the comics section is pretty complete! Feel free to poke around and enjoy the hopefully more-intuitive multi-series navigation and the cleaner look to everything.

Some changes of note:

  • All of the RSS feeds' locations have changed. The old ones should get redirected to the new ones and your feed reader should update automatically, but you might want to resubscribe just to be safe.
  • On that note, now you can subscribe to just the sub-series you want!
  • For now I’ve gotten rid of the full-content feed. I can bring it back if enough people want it.
  • Also, now that managing my whole site is just as easy as managing my comics, a bunch of stuff I posted under comics originally is now in the dedicated art section, particularly the sketchbook pages.
  • But if you subscribe to the main site feed you get everything all at once anyway! So, just do that. 😀

Also! Now you can browse by chapters, and I’ve also brought in all of the chapter pages from the Unity print collections. The ones from book 2 are particularly amazing — you can thank my good friend Emmy for most of them! You should check out the game she worked on too.


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