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So how do you like the new plaid style?

2010/06/14 11:25 PM

I decided to fiddle a bit with how I draw my self-portrayal’s plaid. In my mind it was always red and black, but my quick-and-easy technique made it so that it would be red and dark-red. But I decided to experiment with a slight modification which makes it come out red-and-black.

For comparison’s sake, here’s how the old plaid looks and here’s the new style.

(Oh and I keep forgetting to draw the horns so I think that I am officially calling it quits on those. They were cute while they lasted, though.)

I need to switch transcription engines

2010/06/25 11:51 PM

OhNoRobot has been pretty good and all, but they have some built-in load-limiting stuff that apparently makes all transcription buttons disappear when their site is under too heavy load. Unfortunately, this seems to always kick in during the times of day that people are actually trying to transcribe my comics. So transcriptions have fallen way behind.

I should just write my own, but I am lazy.