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I had might as well let you know

2009/08/26 12:23 AM

If it wasn’t painfully obvious by the fact that plot threads are getting wrapped up faster than a dead fish at a newspaper convention, Unity is coming to an end. I’m not sure how many strips there are left but a rough script for the rest of the series has finally precipitated out of my rough working outline like so much sucrose in a super-saturated sugar solution.

This chapter is maybe two thirds done, and then there is just one more (fairly brief) chapter to go. But it’s not really an ending so much as a beginning, as I have plenty of ideas for other things that can happen in Unity’s universe (although I haven’t started writing any stories around them just yet).

Also, when it does wrap up (and I’m excited to have finally managed to see a comic series all the way through to the end!), I’ll release the whole series in an easy-to-read CBZ file, maybe for a nominal fee (would $3 be reasonable?), with some of the more egregious problems cleaned up and the files saved out at full resolution. If anyone has any suggestions for a simple digital-media store that isn’t Paypal-based, I’d be willing to hear them.