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Another wrist update

2009/08/04 12:00 AM

For a while there it was really dicey but I think I’m getting things under control. I just have to take it easy for a while. I’ve done a bit of simple doodling (to appear here over the next few days) just to keep somewhat in shape, and Drake has offered to try finishing the next Unity for me. We’ll see how that goes — I’m pretty optimistic given the fanart he’s done over the years.

On that note, however, I’m definitely not ready to give up drawing for myself. I look at my current stuff and compare it to things I drew even 3 years ago and can’t help but see how much I’ve improved, and when I look at my much older stuff I can’t help but think that I absolutely must keep this up.

I’m still not a very good artist, but when I don’t spend all weekend drawing I feel a massive void. Fortunately I have other projects to keep me busy (music production mostly) but that still doesn’t satisfy me like spending a whole bunch of time drawing comics.

Monsters of Webcomics

2009/08/08 12:00 AM

Thanks again for submitting your work for the Cartoon Art Museum’s Monsters of Webcomics Virtual Gallery.

I’m pleased to say that your work has been selected for inclusion in our exhibition, and will be featured in the Virtual Gallery along with a wide array of webcomics from around the globe. This historic exhibition will include over 100 artists, making this one of the largest exhibitions in the Cartoon Art Museum’s 24-year history, and we’re thankful for your participation.

I am pleased as well! My stuff will be in a museum! I think this is only the second time this has happened.

Here’s a full press release of the exhibit, and also you can read more about the goings-on at the Cartoon Art Museum on their LiveJournal.

In any case, if you happen to be in or near San Francisco, the exhibit opens tonight, and will be running until December 6th. It would be fun to have a shared outing so as to meet up with as many readers as possible; I know a bunch of you are from around here too.

Just a quick comic

2009/08/11 12:19 AM

It feels like forever since I’ve drawn a comic, probably since it is. Drake is still working diligently on Unity 189 (which seems to have somehow turned from a normal 3-panel strip into a full-page setting-establishing epic) so here’s a journal comic sort of about something that happened back in July. It’s not up to my usual low standards but I needed a warmup.

Some time again

2009/08/18 12:00 AM

I finally have some time (and wrist strength) to work on comics again, so that is what I’m doing. I’d like to apologize to Drake who had to put up with my vagueness in direction. I hope he still finishes the version of Unity #189 he was working on, since while it was quite different than what I intended it was still an interesting take on my little world, not to mention much better-drawn than anything I’ve ever done.

I had might as well let you know

2009/08/26 12:23 AM

If it wasn’t painfully obvious by the fact that plot threads are getting wrapped up faster than a dead fish at a newspaper convention, Unity is coming to an end. I’m not sure how many strips there are left but a rough script for the rest of the series has finally precipitated out of my rough working outline like so much sucrose in a super-saturated sugar solution.

This chapter is maybe two thirds done, and then there is just one more (fairly brief) chapter to go. But it’s not really an ending so much as a beginning, as I have plenty of ideas for other things that can happen in Unity’s universe (although I haven’t started writing any stories around them just yet).

Also, when it does wrap up (and I’m excited to have finally managed to see a comic series all the way through to the end!), I’ll release the whole series in an easy-to-read CBZ file, maybe for a nominal fee (would $3 be reasonable?), with some of the more egregious problems cleaned up and the files saved out at full resolution. If anyone has any suggestions for a simple digital-media store that isn’t Paypal-based, I’d be willing to hear them.