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Here are some wonderfully-drawn little Unity character mini-portraits done by Torpor, who draws the nascent comic Sound & Fury, which promises to be pretty interesting (and certainly pushes all of my buttons so far).


Wrist update

2009/07/13 12:00 AM

For now I seem to have my wrists under control, so I’m feeling comfortable with starting up on comics again. However, I am about to go on vacation for two weeks so even though I’ll have my portable Wacom with me I don’t know if I’ll be doing much comicing.

I have not forgotten about you!

2009/07/23 12:00 AM

As mentioned previously, I am rather busy with things. I just got back from Spokane the other day and now I’m on my way to Chicago. I have a few Unity strips in the pipe but I haven’t had time to finish them or anything. I am a busy bee. I would certainly appreciate guest art in the meantime.