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Wrist update

2009/07/13 12:00 AM

For now I seem to have my wrists under control, so I’m feeling comfortable with starting up on comics again. However, I am about to go on vacation for two weeks so even though I’ll have my portable Wacom with me I don’t know if I’ll be doing much comicing.

I have not forgotten about you!

2009/07/23 12:00 AM

As mentioned previously, I am rather busy with things. I just got back from Spokane the other day and now I’m on my way to Chicago. I have a few Unity strips in the pipe but I haven’t had time to finish them or anything. I am a busy bee. I would certainly appreciate guest art in the meantime.

Some time again

2009/08/18 12:00 AM

I finally have some time (and wrist strength) to work on comics again, so that is what I’m doing. I’d like to apologize to Drake who had to put up with my vagueness in direction. I hope he still finishes the version of Unity #189 he was working on, since while it was quite different than what I intended it was still an interesting take on my little world, not to mention much better-drawn than anything I’ve ever done.