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Journal: 2008/03/10: New glasses

14 years ago

Caption: So, I finally decided to start wearing my new glasses. My prescription isn’t very strong, so even a tiny increase means it’s doubled in strength.

fluffy: [[thinking]] I am getting so old.

fluffy: [[thinkgin]] I’m amost 30

fluffy: [[thinking]] -0.5 diopters?! Jeeze.

Caption: Since I have astigmatism, my glasses distort things a bit, which majorly affects my perception of perspective.

fluffy: [[thinking]] I m going to trip and fall on the curb.

fluffy: [[thinking]] And I will break amy hip.

fluffy: [[thinking]] ‘Cause I’m old.

Label: perceived ground

Lower label: actual ground

Caption: It can take some getting used to.

Caption: It makes me feel short. That can be an advantage.

fluffy: When I grow up I’m gonna be a software engineer!

Steve: Then what are you now?

fluffy: Twelve!

Label: actual height

Lower label: perceibved height

Lowest label: [[pointing at both of them]] conceptualized appearance


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