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Journal: Missing fursons

18 years ago

Original entry: Missing fursons

fluffy: [[talking on the phone]] Well, the job’s kinda intense right now and I’m not sure I’m getting along with the other developers, but it’s fun work. Though I still haven’t had time to get any furniture, or gas service.

Mom: Things should get better soon.

fluffy: Yeah, I hope so. So, how badly do my cats miss me?

Mom: …

Mom: Toby’s doing fine… but we haven’t seen Shooby in a while.

fluffy: How long is a while? Sometimes he disappears for a few days at a time…

Mom: Since a few days after you left.

Mom: We didn’t want to tell you until you got settled in better.

fluffy: Oh.

Caption: Somehwere in Nevada (probably)…

[[Shooby sits by a guard rail with a sign reading “MEW YORK” with the “R” backwards.]]


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