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Random: Every episode of Boston Legal

14 years ago

Original entry: Every episode of Boston Legal

Shirley Schmidt: So you see your Gayness–

The Honorable Judge Brown: EXCUSE ME!

Schmidt: I’m sorry, your “honor,” I believe that by bringing enough frivolous lawsuits and badgering you and the jury, I can make the law match my ultra-Liberal fantasy world’s.

Brown: Well, I disagree with you…but you’re right. The court finds for the plaintiff.

Katie Lloyd: Jerry, you’re impossible to deal with.

Jerry Espenson: Well you know it’s my Asperger’s acting up.

Katie: Yes, but you’re so brilliant!

Jerry: Brilliant! Brilliant! Prrrrrr

William Shatner is Captain James T. Kirk and also Denny Crane: You pinko commie liberal fags are all the same.

James Spader is Shatner’s Clone and also Alan Shore: KirkHHHH Denny! You wound me!

Denny: Sorry, that’s the mad-senile-cow-dementia-Alzheimer’s.

Alan: You know I love you, right?

Denny [pulling Alan into the classic Kirk-kissing-Uhura position]: Keep it in your pants, sugarlips.


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