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Unity: Inside the temple

14 years ago

Original entry: 113. Inside the temple

[[Inside the temple]]

Hira [holding an egg in front of an oil lamp]: You see, this egg is also unfertilized. I’m so sorry.

Rumi: I see. Thank you, Mother.

Hira: Have you ever considered – one second. [to Juni] THis is a private consultation. Could you please –

Hira [turning to see Juni]: Juni?!

Juni: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt… I’ll wait in the lobby.

Hira: Oh my… Oh my, yes. Please, I will… yes. Wait out there. I’ll be just a moment.

Hira: I am so very sorry for that, Rumi.

Rumi: That is all right, Mother. Is she family?

Hira: Yes, you could say that… but anyway, yes. Adoption. Often mothers are killed or vanish before their eggs hatch, and I prefer to find them new mothers. I simply cannot take care of all the abandoned young, which leaves a perfect opportunity for …


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