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81. Sensitive

14 years ago



[[Sam and Juni on a couch, a pile of Aikengyu pups beside them]]

Sam: So how much have you gotten back?

Juni: I dunno yet. Some? A lot? It’s hard to tell. I’ll see or think of something and just remember, but I don’t really know what to think about first.

Juni: I mean, for everyday things and places and such. Time-wise I’m still messed up. I still have no idea about history.

[[Juni tweaks Sam’s udder]]

Sam: Ow, stop that. Those’re sensitive.

Juni: Hee, sorry. Your mammal bits just look so weird to me.

Sam: Pfft. You monotremes are weird.

pup: mrbl

Cynthia: Hey, sis, they done feeding?

Juni: Although I do seem to remember a time when your sister at least humored you.

Cynthia: Hey, Sam’s being a better mother than I am.

Sam: That’s an odd way to say “udder.”

pup: mroo?


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