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Unity: Relapse

14 years ago

Original entry: 145. Relapse

Juni: Tamu, dear, could you please come in here?

Tamu: Yes, Juni? What is it?

Juni: I’d like to have a word with you. Do you think we’re just slabs of meat for your experimentation?!

Tamu: Pardon?

Juni: Seth, the Kayohash prostitute you had in here. What would you do if he had heard me? Wiped his mind to see if I’d just jump in?!

Tamu: Would you have?

Juni: No, of course not!

Tamu: With all due respect, why are you gesticulating towards that corner?

demiJuni: Sorry! That is my fault.

Juni: I uh… wow, dizzy. Sorry, what was I saying?

Tamu: I believe you were attempting to supply me with a new cloaca.

Juni: Yes, well, uh… don’t … do that again. Ask me before you try to muck around with anyone’s brain in my name.

Tamu: Pah. I think I preferred you reckless.


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