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Unity: A walk in the park

13 years ago

[[Juni and Tamu are walking through a park]]

Juni: Tamu, am I insane?

Tamu: At present? Aside from some rather odd notions, no, you seem quite lucid. Are you concerned?

Juni: That Homin thing from Kajoshu… did it come from my old village?

Tamu: Hira Melrose is your mother, yes? When she contacted me I wasn’t sure, but now that I’ve met her…

Juni: We are… closely-related, let’s say.

Juni: She told me that a hunter found the device, and then her [sparkle] changed, and she “went crazy.” And I guess my [sparkle] has changed in the same way.

Juni: And now you and she and so many others say that I’ve “gone crazy” too but I don’t see that.

Tamu: You perceive nothing wrong with what you’ve done in the past round?

Juni: No, I realize I have acted quite strangely, and I don’t remember most of it which is also… But I’m not crazy, Tamu.

Juni: I don’t know what’s going on, but I know I’m not crazy.


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