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14 years ago

Flyer: Want to live forever? Want to experience life like never before??! Come see the Duchess and her state-of-the-art rejuvenation facility! For the low, low price of [[pound symbol]] 3 million, you, too, can find eternal happiness* with the flick of a switch!

Flyer: *Side effects may include acedia, quietude, scaly skin, weight gain, and a willingness to put up with endless scientific experiments. All payments final.

Wealthy woman: [[cursive font]] I think this is the place.

Wealthy Woman: Hello? I do say, hello?

Duchess: [[off-panel]] Ssh, they’re here!

Duchess: Ah, yes, my evening appointment! I have been expecting you; Do come in.

Wealthy Woman: Oh, she looks so young!

Wealthy Man: [[Roman font]] This shall be good!

Duchess: I had thought there would only be one of you.

Wealthy Woman: A… change of plans.

Wealthy Man: Yes, quite.

Duchess: Well, the device is charged only for a single dosing.

Wealthy Man: Then we shall do it together! you owe me that much…

Duchess: I don’t think… nah, it should be fine.

Duchess: Follow me.

Duchess: [[off-panel]] Just stand over there… yes, under the hatch. Close together now.

Wealthy Man: bloody bitch

Duchess: Perfect.

Wealthy Womble: [[cursive font]] My goodness, I feel younger already!

Wealthy Womble: [[Roman font]] Yes, darling, as do I! I am quite glad I discovered your plan!

Wealthy Womble: [[cursive and Roman]] And now, we can take our leave of-

Wealthy Womble: Darling, where are…? Oh my.

Wealthy Womble: I say, This does present a problem.

Duchess: Oh? Isn’t this what you wanted?

Wealthy Womble: Not quite… And furthermore, I am left-handed, and I am right-. How are we to survive?

Duchess: I am sure you’ll manage.

Duchess: I thank you for your kind business. If you would, plrease refer your wealthy friends.

Wealthy Womble: May we have-

Duchess: No refunds.

Wealthy Womble: Goodness! How rude!

Duchess: Good luck with forever.


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