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Four square

14 years ago



[[The Duchess is holding a remote control. The Womble sits nearby in a meditative state.]]

[[A blue portal begins to open beside The Duchess with the green toes and white tail-tip of an alternate universe Womble barely visible. A purple portal opens under The Womble, rousing him from his meditative state.]]

[[The Womble, a panicked look on his face, begins to fall through the purple portal. A green Womble shoots out of the blue portal, startling The Duchess.]]

[[The Womble is gone. The portals are shrinking to nothing. A green Womble and The Duchess look at each other with blank expressions.]]

[[The first four panels repeat infinitely in a golden spiral, rotating 90 degrees counterclockwise each time. The sets of panels cycle through four radically different color schemes. Each time, the Womble that emerges from the portal is the Womble that disappeared in the previous set of panels.]]


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