DDR/Stepmania fun times

Yesterday I finally got ArrowVortex working; originally I was running it under WINE on my Intel NUC over xrdp to my Mac, which was kind of janky but functional, but after that stopped working (and was too obnoxious with latency) I just tried out Crossover WINE again and it worked like a charm.

Incidentally, Crossover’s gotten way better in the 10 years since I last used it and I might end up paying for it again!

Anyway, you can see the results of this: I have a very much work-in-progress song pack that you can check out if you’re so inclined. Beta feedback is appreciated as well. I’ll be adding artwork eventually but right now my effort is primarily on getting more songs and charts in.

If there’s any songs of mine you think would be a good DDR track, let me know!

I’ve also experimented with a streaming setup and Stepmania remains pretty stable on my Mac mini when I use obs.ninja to share my screen to an OBS BrowserSource, so that’s probably the way I’ll go about doing it. Unfortunately, Discord game streaming remains as janky as ever so that means it’s not suitable for private streaming there, but at least I can stream to Twitch, right? (Not that I really want to make a habit of it, but hey, it might be fun to get back into. I just need to do it for the right reasons.)


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