Leaving the mess behind

I ended up leaving a bunch of my meetup groups and networking events and their respective Discords, and also decided to take down my studio streaming setup, because they were all wearing on my mental health. I want to get back to working on stuff because I want to, not because I feel obligated to “grow my audience” or whatever. My fun activities were starting to be less about fun and more about my failure to get any sort of cachet, and something had to give. And I didn’t want that “something” to be the things I enjoy doing.

It’s totally fine to want to do things, but it’s important to realize why you’re doing things, and be willing to course-correct when you realize that those things are getting in the way of the intended purpose.

So anyway, my twitch channel will stay around, but don’t expect it to be very active going forward. If I do decide to stream making comics it’ll probably be over at Picarto where things are a bit more chill and there’s no expectation of everyone being “on” all the time. No mic, text chat only, just playing music and doodling and whatever.

If you’ve wanted to keep in touch with me on Discord, you can join mine, or you can send me a friend request from anywhere you’ve seen a message of mine (including an open DM or whatever).

I’m generally feeling pretty relieved right now, and it’s also nice to free up a bunch of space and reduce overall clutter. This feels like a good step forward for me.


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