Miscellaneous goings-on

I’ve been on guanfacine for a few days and so far I’m not noticing that my focus has changed any, but on the plus side my blood pressure is great now. So, that’s good.

I don’t know if it’s from the naltrexone or the guanfacine but my dreams have been pretty vivid and weird, but usually in a good way. Unlike when I was on the Wellbutrin and my dreams were vivid and stressful.

On the other hand, lately a lot of technology has been hecking up on me and I’m getting pretty stressed about it. For example, the capture device I’ve been using to use my camcorder as a webcam has gotten very unreliable, and so I decided to buy a Logitech C920 which is supposedly the best webcam out there, and while it’s reliable, its video quality isn’t very good.

And I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my 3D printer… first I was having issues with the thermal runaway protection tripping up, so I tried cleaning the thermistor, which broke, so I replaced that, and it didn’t help anything, so I replaced the heater cartridge, which worked, but then while trying out a new filament the adhesion failed while I was away from the computer and it ended up entombing the entire print head in filament, covering the wires of the new thermistor, and I wasn’t able to excise it without breaking the wires. So, that’s a waste of a perfectly good thermistor. Plus, in trying to exhume the print head I had to take it apart and use my blowtorch to melt off the gigantic glob of PLA, and that’s probably ruined the heater cartridge too, but I can’t tell because I’m unable to get the dang thing back together. So frustrating.

I also haven’t played much DDR over the past couple days because my knees have been sore since I’ve been overdoing it. What little play I’ve gotten in has been in testing charts for Sockmania, which I decided to polish up and properly release as part of a game jam. On the plus side, now I have eight tracks, and some of them even have art! The jam ends in a day so tomorrow I’m going to try to get as much art done for it as I can, for that last little bit of polish.

Meanwhile, the new Mac mini is working really well, aside from the couple of rough edges from certain things not working quite right on Silicon just yet. Nothing major, but for example I can’t get git shell completion to work because that requires running the homebrew version of git which just aborts at startup. And there continue to be weird little rough edges with Python things (although those rough edges were there on Intel too, they’re just exacerbated because of how the macOS dev tools are set up now). Nothing too annoying and generally it’s easy to find the various shell snippets to get unstuck.

My cats have been especially irritating as of late, too. The Japanese word for “cat,” 猫/ねこ (neko), allegedly comes from a corruption of the phrase にゃこま (nya koma), which means “meow-beast.” It seems particularly apt lately.


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