Planning my move

I’m feeling really excited for my upcoming move! And I have all the stuff in motion. Movers are booked, and everything’s falling into place.

Rough timeline, short-term:

  • Now until March 26: Gathering stuff to donate to charity, and donating it; Listing some higher-value items on eBay to cut down on stuff to move
  • March 26 (or possibly sooner): The transaction closes and I take possession of the house (OMG)
  • March 27-28: Move some smaller things down which I can live without or which are to make the move itself easier (for example, the gear I’ve bought for the new network). I wire the house network, as well.
  • March 30: Prepare for the move, per the movers' requirements; dismantling all my electronics, packing up computers/laptops/instruments/etc., disassembling my shelving units, taking the art off of the walls
  • March 31: The movers come and scare my cats while they pack everything else away!
  • April 1: The movers come and load stuff onto the truck! While they’re getting started, I move my cats down, and try to get them acquainted with their new home. Then at some point they arrive at the new place and unload it all there.
  • April 2: Internet installation at the new place, while I unpack everything. Once the location of the fiber to ethernet converter is settled, I also start setting up my actual network.
  • Get the painter in to paint a couple of walls which need to be painted for sale-readiness
  • Realtor photos, pre-inspection
  • List my condo for sale

Then after my condo sells, it’s time to start looking into building the studio building. My plan for that right now is to go full DADU, like having it be a small building with a studio room and a kitchen and bathroom, so that it can also be a guest house in the future. My plan for that is to use the current stove and refrigerator for the DADU’s kitchen, and then upgrade the stove and refrigerator in the house. This is because the house’s stove+fridge are fairly new and in really good condition, but they’re not particularly great, but it feels really wasteful to just replace them outright and throw them out, when they could be useful in a studio context.

I wouldn’t expect to do any cooking in the studio myself, but it’ll be nice to have the fridge for holding drinks and so on, and, again, later down the road it’ll be really nice to have it as a space where I can house guests (AirBnB or otherwise).

This definitely adds a lot of expense, but after my condo sells I should have a lot of funds available for doing this thing. I am in a very fortunate situation as far as that’s concerned. (Money is going to be a little tight until the condo sells, but that’s a pretty temporary situation.)

Also, before the studio outbuilding is a thing, it’ll be a little tricky to set up the basement. My plan is of course to have half of it be my recording studio and the other half be a workshop/3D printing lab, and after the studio becomes a thing, the basement becomes 3D printing on one end, workshop on the other.

But maybe even that’s a bit overkill. After I spent that week in Port Angeles I kind of came to the realization that I don’t actually need a full studio setup, so maybe what I’ll do is just have a minimalistic setup (computer, main keyboard, recording interface, one microphone) in my office and just store the majority of my instruments in the basement until I have a proper setup later. The vast majority of my music production these days is just keyboard + microphone anyway, and I only really plug in my bass guitar and occasionally cello right now, and it’s not a big deal to bring those up from the basement when I need them.

I’ve been struggling to find answers to how I’m going to handle certain parts of my setup in the near term, but now I think I’ve just been asking the wrong questions. This move is a huge opportunity to reprioritize and reorganize my life, and I should take full advantage of it, y'know?


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