Songs of Substance preorders live

Every few years I’ve tried to do an album of my Song Fight! back catalog stuff. In 2009 I released foodsexsleep, in 2011 it was Love and Monsters, and in 2014 was Radio Ready. And then… nothing, for a while.

Many of my albums since then have had one or two Song Fight! songs on it (for example, 2015’s Refactor had two Song Fight! songs on it and one Circle of Titles, and a couple of Novembeat albums picked up some Song Fight! songs that I did as part of Novembeat), but due to a combination of not doing as much for Song Fight! anymore and rethinking a lot about how I made music, I kept on putting off another Song Fight!-heavy album.

Anyway, lately I’ve been getting the itch again, and my most recent entry finally sparked me enough to work on releasing an album while the fire is hot. Plus, I’d been meaning to properly release my covers of “Space Cadet” by Brother Machine and “A Problem of Perspective” by King Arthur for ages, and Charles (of King Arthur) had a recent health scare, so I wanted to release this while he still had a chance to appreciate it!

Ever since Good Luck Charm I’ve known that this album was going to be called Songs of Substance. Preorders are open now, and I hope to have the album ready for purchase by October 1.

Right now, all but two songs on it are Song Fight!-related; “Falling” is a sort-of breakup song I wrote back in 2016, and “Fibromyalgia” is something I wrote after I got my diagnosis.

There’s a few more songs I’m kind of thinking of rerecording for it, particularly “Alright Alright” and “Fool in the Middle,” but right now my recording setup is pretty minimal, and I still have a lot of music from early Song Fight! which deserves an album treatment and a lot of them are thematically-linked, so maybe I’ll collect those for my next album, to be released… who knows when. But I think it’ll be called “Transitions.”


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