So, the last few days have been feeling a lot better overall. I’m not sure how much of that is reducing my nortriptyline dose or how much is because I’ve been taking magnesium regularly. But either way, I’m just like… in less agony. My wrists still hurt most of the time, especially after I’ve been working for a few hours, and I’m still driving to work more often than I’d like, but all in all I’m feeling, I dunno, better?

I was in a pretty dark place about a week ago and now things are just feeling like how they are on average for me in general, so to me that’s a pretty big improvement.

This weekend I’m going down to Portland for IndieWeb Summit and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I can improve my understanding of the current ecosystem, and maybe make some contributions to it which are important to me. In particular it’ll be nice to chat with Aaron and Jamey about our respective areas of overlapping interest, and talk everyone’s ear off about Publ and what I’m trying to do with it. Maybe I can even get others to want to contribute to it! Also definitely looking forward to meeting Jacky, Darius, and everyone else I’ve interacted with in IndieWeb stuff!

There’s a hackathon as part of it, and, wrists permitting, I’d love to finally get some sort of basic authorization (e.g. “friends-only” but it could also be used for things like patron-only bonus content or whatever) functionality into Publ. For the short term I’ll probably just get a very basic IndieLogin auth flow going, but I definitely want to make a more flexible auth mechanism a long-term goal. But perfect is the enemy of done, as they say.

I mean, heck, I might even eschew real auth entirely and just have a “trust me, I am who I say I am” login flow, or maybe a very minimal “magic link by email” one or something so I at least have something useful for the most general case. Actually getting auth into Publ’s data model (and flow) feels like the hard part. I need to get past my hangups around needing to build a thing that needs to be refactored, when I know the refactoring’s going to happen eventually anyway.

Anyway. Tomorrow I will be riding on Amtrak for what I think is the first time in my life, which is funny because as a kid I was obsessed with Amtrak for some reason and why did it take me this long to actually use it for a trip? Probably because I’m cheap and Amtrak costs a heck of a lot more than BoltBus, but it’s also a heck of a lot more comfortable and right now comfort is what I care about when I travel.

On this trip I’ll also be bringing my new M32 keyboard with me. Not that I expect to have a lot of time to work on music but it’ll be fun to mess with if the situation arises. Chances are I’ll have a lot more time to play with it the following week in San Francisco though. I’ll also probably bring my Zoom H1 and maybe see how well I can do the whole portable recording studio thing. (The preceding links are affiliate links.)

I don’t think I’ll be bringing my CPAP with me on either trip, though. When it helps me it doesn’t help that much, and when it causes problems it’s hugely detrimental, and when traveling it just takes up so much precious cargo space. Which I’d rather fill with music gear.

I dunno how many people are even reading my blog anymore, but at least it feels vaguely productive for me to have a space to talk about life updates like this, and having carved out a space for myself feels way better than posting this crap to vicious social networks like Twitter or Tumblr or whatever.

Anyway. I guess I should actually, like, start packing for this trip, huh? Hopefully my next post will be from Portland (maybe even as an impromptu demo of Publ).


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