Attention all coffee friends!

Do you have a coffee grinder? One which could actually be identified by name? Do you have the ability to record video? Want to be featured in an upcoming Sockpuppet video?

For this year’s Novembeat album I’m doing songs inspired by different coffee grinders and their respective techniques, and as part of this I’m also making silly videos of each grinder. But I only have a handful of grinders myself, and good process-forward footage is difficult to come by. So that’s where you possibly come in.

Updates: I’ve been making edits to this post as various questions come in. I should really be tracking them specifically.

If you’d be so kind, record some video of your grinder doing its thing. Good footage should focus on the grinder or what makes it special. Ideally there’d be multiple shots from different angles (each showing the entire grinding process), and it should be at as high a framerate and resolution as you can manage. Current smartphones are generally pretty good for this, especially if you can record at 4K. Good lighting can be achieved using desk lamps or laptops with the brightness turned all the way up and a full-screen blank text editor or the like.

It also doesn’t have to be about the coffee being ground; glamor shots of the grinder from various angles showing its various visual features is also incredibly helpful! Especially with the many grinders which don’t actually look like much while they’re grinding.

The footage should also be such that it can be comfortably cropped to 16:9 without borders, which generally means a horizontal aspect ratio. Also, given a choice between resolution and framerate, go with resolution; the final videos are going to be at 24 FPS, so 60 FPS video is sufficient for time-stretching, but extra resolution gives me more leeway when it comes to cropping and zooming. (Looking back I wish I’d recorded my earlier videos at 4K60 instead of 1080p240!)

Anyway, once you’ve recorded the footage, you can upload it to YouTube/Vimeo/PeerTube/etc. as an unlisted video and then point me at the URL, or if you have some other way of conveying the raw file to me (Dropbox et al) that works even better. Or if the raw footage is under a gigabyte or so I can give you a link to send it to me via my own Nextcloud instance.

And, of course, tell me how you want to be credited in the video.

Also, if you know of some good footage of a grinder on YouTube etc., please let me know as well. I’d rather not lean too heavily on remixing random YouTube reviews, though, for a number of reasons. Plus, it’s fun to get random contributions specifically for this project.

I definitely have a wishlist of grinders I’d like to see but I’ll absolutely take anything that I can get. Also, don’t worry if your grinder already has a video or if someone else has already volunteered to film the same grinder; the more footage I have availble, the better! And I also have a plan for anything left over at the end.

In particular I’d love to get more footage of the Comandante C40, but otherwise I have no specific requests. Any and all grinders are welcome!

Oh, also, footage showing peoples' entire process would also be great. Scooping/measuring beans, grinding them, dosing, brewing, you name it!


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