Health update

I took a sick day today, because I was feeling very much under the weather, and had a mild fever and a bit of a cough. I rested up a bunch and I’m feeling a lot better now. Still slightly short of breath. So I’m probably going to continue to work from home for the next few days at least (a shame, I really want to try out my new chair which finally arrived today!) and if I hear that COVID-19 test kits are both reliable and available I’ll probably see about getting tested, even if it doesn’t progress any further than this. I’m also going to skip my drawing group this week.

I did do a late-night grocery run to stock up on some food — not hoarding, just getting my usual regular staples and some ingredients for things — and the grocery store was mostly normal for that time of night. Someone sneezed a couple times and someone else joked, “RUN AWAY!!!” and most people had a good laugh about that. Paper products were mostly out (although even in times of scarcity nobody can seem to bring themselves to buy Seventh Generation ultra-recycled toilet paper), canned beans were of a limited selection (I still got all the kinds I was looking for anyway), rice was scarce but they had the kind I was there to buy, most everything else seemed pretty normal.

At some point tomorrow I should pop over to the drug store to see if they have any face masks (because I legitimately need some, if I can’t find my stash) and hand sanitizer (which I have reasonably enough of but it wouldn’t hurt to get another bottle). This is all to protect others from me in case I am carrying and contagious, of course.

I’ll also probably make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Just a video visit, mostly to get established as a new patient, and somewhat to talk about my concerns and how I think I might have gotten infected with whatever this is and what my concerns are about it, whether it’s actually COVID-19 or not. Regular colds tend to hit me very hard due to my asthma, and the one year I got the flu convinced me to always, always get a flu shot every year to avoid getting the flu ever again. I was pretty much bedridden for a month, and probably should have been hospitalized.

So far, whatever this hasn’t gotten past the point of mild fever, slight persistent shortness of breath, and a very occasional dry cough. Well, and whatever nausea/near-vomiting I had yesterday, which could be related but could have also been the sushi I had on Monday (as I mentioned in the last entry).

It’s a bit silly that I would end up getting this virus, when I’m normally pretty isolated anyway. I blame actually being sociable after my first day of work at the new job; we went bowling, and there was much sharing of bowling balls and much eating of finger food, amongst a group where several of them were traveling. But I haven’t heard of anyone else in that group of people having any symptoms, so who even knows.

But, whatever. I guess I’m feeling pretty okay right now, and thanks to my fancy new humidifier I’ll hopefully feel even better tomorrow.


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