Checking in

I’m still alive, I just haven’t had a lot to say I guess. At least not publicly.

Work is work. Lots of frustrations not worth getting into. I was at least managing to get some music done which felt good, and my pain was improving until it suddenly wasn’t, so it’ll still be some time before I can work on comics again. Which is a shame because I really want to work on both Lewi and Unity, gosh I have so much more story to tell on both of them…

I’ve been wanting to do an online concert in lieu of Song Fight! Live (which was canceled due to the pandemic) but I doubt I’ll be in any position to do that either, and my ideas for how to do an ersatz performance would take a lot more effort than I’m willing to put into it right now.

I also built a model hurdy-gurdy:

It was fun to build, and it’s fun to play with although it’s not really worth trying to record an actual song with it. I’d been wanting a hurdy-gurdy for years and when a friend found this model kit I figured it’d satisfy my craving, and it sorta did? I mean I’d really love to have a real one but I don’t quite have the space or patience for yet another musical instrument. I should just get better at practicing my violin and cello and whatever. Not to mention all my synths that are going unused, and I also have an Osmose on the way and where the hell am I going to even put that, for fuck’s sake…

Between that and all work going remote anyway it has me thinking again about moving somewhere with more space and lower costs. I love Seattle, though, even with the current strife. I’d probably want to at least stay in the area, and ideally remaining near the water, and then thinking about that just leads to the usual spiral of how I can barely take care of myself in a building that other people maintain and I don’t want to move Werner again and gosh there’s just so much stuff that needs to happen and I Just Can’t and so on. So that’s still not really on the table anytime soon.

And of course I have so many code projects I’d like to be working on, like Publ and Subl and also properly building out the PlaidWeb site (and redesigning the Publ site as part of that). I got some inspiration from new.css which has also informed some of my upcoming Publ changes; in particular I’m planning on changing code blocks and images to use <figure> instead of grody ad-hoc <div>s. I mostly have the code block changes done but there’s a few microfacets I’m wondering about, like how I should actually structure things to make it sensible, semantic, and easy for folks to style.

Thinking about/working on this is also way more satisfying than my job. But, you know. More later on that. Probably in private.

(On that note, I also still need to work on the whole “enable authenticated feeds” thing that I was rambling about a few weeks ago. It feels like it would be very easy to implement, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Because everything.)

Anyway. That’s what’s what.


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