Studio reorg, day 1

The air was clear enough™ today (AQI in the upper 80s, which is still no fun for me to be outside but that’s good enough for being in the basement) and I got goaded along by some folks on the Song Fight! discord to “just do it,” so I decided to start the process of reorganizing stuff.


Much of what I did was trying to organize the clutter enough to make a path so that I could move forward on things, and start transplanting the foam flooring over from the old space to the new space while also iteratively moving stuff around.

That bookcase is heavy. I also had a moment where I was worried about how to actually get it out with all sorts of complex turning and such to get it to the front of the basement (because of the low-hanging drain pipe that bisects the room horizontally), but then I remembered to check my target floorplan and saw that the bookcase is meant to stay on the South end. So, after getting it back upright I just played a bit of Sokoban and got the bookcase and my studio desk roughly swapped in position.

Also while migrating the flooring I decided I should actually do a proper job of sweeping the concrete subfloor, and in doing so I saw a round, dark shadow streak by into one of the clutter piles. I’m guessing I actually have mice in my basement. Wellp. Another reason to get the dang thing clean and organized.

I do wish I had a better plan than incrementally shuffling stuff around until it ends up in the right place, because not having an action plan or intended layout is how I got in this mess in the first place!

I think tomorrow I will focus on making a path for the large workbench to move to the front. That’s the part that’s the most concerning to me about all of this. I also think moving the workbench will be a two-person job. Really, moving the bookcase and desk was as well, and it’s no wonder I’m so very wiped out after just a couple of hours of this stuff. Solid wood is heavy.

And oh god I have so much stuff. Especially 3D printing crap that I would really like to just sell. In particular:

  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K MSLA resin printer
  • A bunch of resin for the above
  • Artillery Genius FDM printer with a brand-new extruder
  • An ancient, basically-broken Makerbot Replicator Dual (the first-gen kind with a light-colored wooden case), really only good for parts at this point (I’ll probably disassemble it and scavenge the stepper motors or something)
  • Cerambot Eazao Zero ceramic printer

Anyone in the Seattle area who’s willing to pick any of that stuff up, please make me an offer.


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