Studio reorg, day 2

I took some time off after my first big progress day to regroup, since I was having a bit of soreness and a pain flareup, and also didn’t really know what steps to take next. I did do a little bit in the interim but it wasn’t worth documenting.

Anyway I finally figured out which steps to take next, and I got a lot done today!

The big thing I decided to do was to get the “hallway” settled – meaning the big workbench, the bookshelf, and the cable storage shelf. The big workbench was the hardest thing to figure out, but eventually I got two of its legs somewhat precariously on a furniture dolly, which made the rest a lot easier.


After I’d pulled it out a bit I was able to move the desk to its hopefully-final position (after moving more of the soft floor tiles into place, anyway).


Next was a bit of Sokoban, which often involved crawling on the floor underneath the workbench and inching these very heavy things around. Especially the bookcase. At one point I really hoped I didn’t need to get out in a hurry, because I was very much trapped.


But I managed to get the bookcase and cable storage shelving to its final position, which made a nice open hallway of sorts:


At this point I realized that I should alter my plan a little bit. The large workbench has a tall board on back (for hanging tools on), and if I was to put it at the original intended location, the gap behind the small workbench would have been mostly occupied with one of the struts that keeps my house up, meaning it wouldn’t have been usable storage space. So I decided it made more sense to put the large workbench further in, next to the bookcase.

Update: However, I just realized that this does mean that the head-thudding drainage pipe is now right in the middle of the workbench, which I think is why I decided to put the large workbench closer to the door to begin with. Hm.


Whomever constructed the workbench made the curious decision to have a bunch of nails sticking out of the side (probably for hanging tools off of), which made moving it a bit precarious but also meant it ended up gouging a gash in the side of the bookcase when I took it off of the furniture dolly. Thankfully I don’t actually give a crap about the finish of the bookcase.


Anyway, things are already feeling a lot better, and it’s easy for me to get from the entryway to the back, modulo a bit of clutter that still remains.

There’s still a lot left to do of course, but it’s all actually feeling possible now! And if I need to record music in a hurry I can get my recording studio back up and running now. (Although I’d rather save that for last, to force me to actually finish this job first!)

Also I took the opportunity to vacuum a bunch, including vaccuming up the extremely-dirty floor tiles. I think when all is said and done I’m going to move my Roomba to the basement and maybe get a less-shitty robotic vacuum for the main floor.

Update: I got my music computer mostly set up again after all. With the new layout I do need another USB3 hub for the keyboards and overhead camera to actually be able to reach the computer. Yeesh, it never ends.



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