Driving anxiety and music for 8/10

I’m still having some pretty bad anxiety while driving, but the choir has started up rehearsals again which gives me a reason to drive at least once a week. Last night I felt anxious on my way there but totally fine on the way back.

Anyway, today I finally made my way out to the Renton Uwajimaya, which I’d been wanting to go to for a while, mostly as a driving acclimation thing but also to get some ingredients that I haven’t found at any of the Asian groceries in White Center. Most of the drive, as it turns out, is the same as the drive to the church the choir’s rehearsals are at, which makes sense since Renton is just a bit further down Rainier Ave. And I was anxious but I made it just fine, and on my drive back I was anxious in a few spots but I made it just fine.

I think if I keep doing this stuff I’ll feel fine faster.

At Uwajimaya I got a few kinds of Japanese Kit-Kat (dark chocolate, melon, and cookies & cream), yuzu extract, yuzu vinegar, black bean paste, a few kinds of inari, some tsuyu, and, as a treat, some mochi ice cream (which I could have gotten in White Center but I wanted to reward myself for a drive well done). Also a few other random things that are available in White Center but which were cheaper there.

Really it’s just the yuzu and the tsuyu that I had trouble finding in White Center. Well, and the Kit-Kat, but that’s also just a special treat sort of thing. (Especially with how expensive they are!)

I wanted to pick up some sichuan peppercorns but I couldn’t find them. I’m also not entirely sure what to look for, though, and I bet I can get those in White Center too.

Anyway! Here’s a vague catch-up on music (for the past few days):

  • A few days ago I was having a panic attack and I remembered, finally, that taking a nice hot candle-lit bath is a great fix for that. And while doing that I listened to arrival by ambienteer.
  • The Hype - Shopping
  • Ages ago when I was working on Kindle I had easy access to the “free book room” at Amazon, where publisher advance copies would end up. For some reason, audio CDs also ended up there. I acquired a lot of both. Anyway, one such album that I picked up during those days was a sampler CD by the band Life In General. I think. It’s possible I got this from CDBaby back when they did direct CD sales and threw in free gifts to repeat customers. It’s been a while. Anyway, it’s a good selection of songs and maybe I should buy the actual albums someday.
  • Back when I worked at Sony we got a monthly perk of two free CDs every month. One month I got Pearljam’s Ten collector’s edition. That is not the most expensive thing I ended up with in the monthly perk. (That would be the Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside the Box.)
  • I always like when random Bill Wurtz music comes up. This time it was Dance the Night Away. For some reason it was tagged as “william R wilds.”


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