Current goings-on

Still on disability leave, and still in considerable pain. I’m trying not to work too hard on things, but it’s hard not to do things.

For example, I worked on a song with my friends Ken and Huan-Hua for this week’s Song Fight!; we entered the “We Did Everything We Could” fight under the band name Richard Donner Party. It was a fun song to make. Fortunately I didn’t have to even so much as look at a guitar. Most of my work was vocals, light keyboard work, and editing.

I’m increasingly sure that I have some form of EDS. I guess my occasional fixation on zebra stripes is justified after all.

I’ve also managed to put some more work into Publ; in particular I finally added Ticket Auth support, now that a bunch of people are suddenly very interested in moving forward. I feel like we’re actually close to making it so that we can do proper, private, secure social networking without having to buy into overwrought protocols like ActivityPub or buy into a closed ecosystem.

I really want to work on Subl to build a reader that supports all this stuff from the ground up, rather than just hacking it into Feed on Feeds. That said, I do have an idea how it might be possible to do in a secure-ish way, and of course a quick hack would be totally fine for a single-user instance (but I don’t want to rely on people using it in a single-user context).

It seems likely that one of the Microsub-based readers (such as Aperture) might get to a usable TicketAuth-based state first, although I’m not a fan of its UX and I haven’t found any Microsub-based reader which works the way I want. The Microsub protocol itself seems strangely resistant to the handful of UX things I want in the first place. Which is a big part of why I’m still looking into Subl being a fully-integrated reader (which might eventually support Microsub but it’ll be primarily designed around its own self-contained UX). Also I wouldn’t want Subl to require someone to be an IndieWeb user to use it, and I’d still manage authentication via Authl.

On a similar note, I had a rather lengthy conversation trying to hash out Micropub support in Publ, and what I’m taking away from it is that supporting it would be a bit different than what I had in mind. Most likely, a Micropub-based publishing endpoint for Publ would require building out a thing that basically gives users a site-specific author page and using that as the identity to hand to a client. And then the login flow for that can still go through Authl — which is actually pretty cool, because that means that e.g. a community blog could be set up using any Authl-supported login mechanism, rather than requiring people to buy into IndieWeb. So that makes Micropub seem like a really compelling protocol for building something like a Tumblr group blog! And that makes me a lot more optimistic about moving, say, my drawing group’s website over to Publ.

Of course all this conversation and development is preventing me from properly healing. But at least getting in pain from things I’m passionate about is better than the alternative, I suppose.

I ended up buying a knockoff Chirp Wheel a couple weeks ago and while it took a while to get the hang of using it, I feel like it is actually helping a bit. And hopefully loosening up my spine will help with this current bout of dizzy spells I’ve been having; one theory about fibromyalgia dizziness is that it’s due to neck trigger points, which the yoga wheel helps with. So that’s now part of my daily regimen.

I also need to spend more time doing exercise. I have new knee braces and that should help me play more DDR, but also I should take more walks or bring my stationary bike up to the living room to work out on that while watching TV. Which I’ve been doing a lot of, lately.

Also smoking weed. So much weed.

Anyway. That’s what’s going on with me lately.


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