Kitchen 9

Another day of remodeling!

First, the bad news: my spice shelves still aren’t installed:


But the very good news: the tile backsplash is complete!


Also I took delivery of the new dishwasher today.

There was a bit of confusion about that; I thought I’d made it clear to him that he was going to install the dishwasher, especially when yesterday I asked him to unhook the old one so that the delivery people could haul it off, but this morning before the delivery folks arrived I saw it was still connected. And I was like, hey, how are the delivery people going to take it away? and he was like they’ll take it away as part of installing it, and I was like, no, they’re not installing it, they’re just delivering the new one and taking the old one, and they’re going to be here in half an hour, and he was like, oh, okay, and hurried over here to get the old one disconnected.

Then 15 minutes later the delivery folks arrived and took the old one and dropped off the new one, and Oliver said, “Wait, aren’t you guys going to install it?” and I was all, “No, remember? You’re installing it.” “Oh.”

It was a really baffling sequence of events. I guess his mind was elsewhere, and focused on other parts of the project?

Also in order to disconnect it safely I’d turned off a bunch of circuit breakers (because the dishwasher’s circuit wasn’t identified) and he said he’d get it hooked up later today. Then none of the power outlets in the carport or patio worked (because I’d shut them off as part of not knowing which breakers were off) and instead of asking me about that he just like. Ran very long extension cords from my kitchen which became a tripping problem. And I offered to turn the circuits back on but he didn’t seem to understand?

So weird.

But anyway! I have a tile backsplash now, and it looks fantastic, and there’s still a lot of stuff to do. Things are taking a little longer than Oliver’s estimates, but I’m glad he’s taking his time and making sure that the work he does is good and correct. And before he left for the day, he installed the dishwasher after all (which I actually wasn’t expecting him to do):


Also, by some sort of miracle there was no broken tile, so as a result I have nearly three boxes left over. It was pretty expensive tile so I’ll probably return the two complete boxes and find some other project to do with the one that’s short a few. Or, let’s be realistic, I’ll probably forget to return the two complete boxes too, and I’ll just have a lot of ideas I never execute on (much like how I still have a crapton of tile left over from last year’s bathroom remodel).

One other ongoing thing that keeps happening is that Tyler gets freaked out by the noise, and tries to get away. Usually by going to places which are actually dangerous (like outside). So then I work to calm him down and then try to take him into the (very safe) bedroom. And unfortunately Oliver uses a loud barking dog as his ringtone, and wouldn’t you know it, he seems to always get a call right when I’m carrying a very skittish, large, ridiculously strong cat to safety.

Amazingly he hasn’t drawn blood yet. Well, not too much.


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