Another Novembeat compleat

This year I managed to do 25 out of 30 tracks, and some of them were even used in games!

I’ll be releasing the Bandcamp version of the album on Friday (which is, of course, Bandcamp Friday), and if you wait until then to buy it I get the full purchase price. (Better yet, buy my entire discography and receive a crapton of music spanning over 20 years of releases!)

I’m not sure when, or even if, I’ll release it to Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon/etc.; as always, Bandcamp and are my preferred methods of purchase and engagement.

On that note, the version of the album has two versions available, a paid version with most of the same content as the Bandcamp version, and a free version with seamless looping versions of every song, suitable for use as background music in games and videos, all released under the Creative Commons BY-NC license! And of course for commercial use I can enter into a different work-specific licensing agreement.

And if you want to commission me to compose music specifically for your game, my commissions are open.

Anyway, now to take a little time off from making music and finding something else to hyperfocus on, before getting back to work on the two albums already in progress…


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