PSA regarding Komplete Kontrol and Apple Silicon

PSA: If you’re running Komplete on an M1 Mac under a DAW which supports an Intel/Rosetta plugin bridge (such as Logic), DO NOT update Komplete Kontrol to v2.8.0! This WILL break compatibility with any Reaktor or Battery instruments you’re using! (As well as any other legacy Intel VST2s that you’re hosting by Komplete Kontrol for whatever reason.)

Komplete Kontrol 2.7.2 still runs under the Rosetta bridge, but 2.8 has been updated to be M1-compatible — but Battery and Reaktor HAVE NOT yet, and they’re not expecting to have those updated for a few more months.

There are a few workarounds:

  1. Launch your DAW under Rosetta (and lose your CPU performance everywhere)
  2. Convert the Komplete Kontrol plugin to directly use Reaktor/Battery (and lose NKI and preset browsing)
  3. Perish (or, y'know, wait for the plugins to update, same diff really)
  4. Update: Native Instruments were kind enough to provide a download of v2.7.2 for those who need it

Basically I wish Native Instruments had updated all of their underlying plugins to be M1-compatible before they updated their plugin wrapper, or offered some means of keeping the plugin wrapper Intel-only until everything was updated to be M1-compatible (such as providing separate KK plugins for Intel and Silicon or the like, or providing a Rosetta bridge of their own, or whatever).

Anyway, I have a bunch of music projects in progress which just got messed up by this update, so I’m going with workaround #2 for now. It’d sure be nice if Reaktor’s preset browser were any, you know, good. (Thankfully I only rarely use Reaktor, it’s just that the first project I ran into which was affected by this happens to use Polyplex for its drums.)


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