Remodel part 13: the end is near

If all goes well, tomorrow will be the last day of remodeling, and it’ll be a pretty short one too!

Obligatory progress photos. First, the kitchen:


There still hasn’t been an actual disaster with this remodel. Might I have escaped it this time? There were some slight issues in the laundry room, though, as we had to split the difference between having the cabinet level and having it not have a large lopsided gap over them. Also, for Reasons it couldn’t be installed flush to the ceiling, either.


The old cabinets were a bit… questionably-installed. It turns out that there’s not a large number of studs in that wall, for some reason, so Oliver had to get a little creative. Only the right-side cabinet has multiple studs behind it, so the left one is screwed into the support beam to the left of it. He says it’s secure though, as long as I don’t, like, try to climb up them or whatever (which I had no plans to do, of course).

I did have to run to Home Depot to get some more trim, though, both for above the cabinets and for the window trim. Oliver will be installing the window trim tomorrow, and also doing a few more finishing-up things such as fixing the dishwasher drain hose and installing the laundry room cabinet handles (not to mention reinstalling the washer-dryer and properly leveling them, which had never been done before).

I’m really happy with how things have turned out and glad I took care of this stuff before it became absolutely necessary, for once. The layout didn’t change much but what did change is a huge improvement, and it makes this house definitely feel like my own place.

There’s a few little odds and ends I’ll need to do at some point. The laundry room needs to be repainted around the cabinets (which I’ll take care of myself at some point), and I’m sure there’s a few other random things I need to sort out (like how to better organize my kitchen tool drawers). Also, I’m definitely going to want to go through a bunch of stuff and sell or donate a lot of it. I definitely don’t need all of the pots and pans that I’ve accumulated, for example, and I have just… so much redundant crap.


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