Remodel part 12

Things are coming along well, and they’re almost done! Today’s focus was mostly-finishing the kitchen and starting the laundry room.

Some before shots:


And the state of things now. First, the laundry room:


And the state of the kitchen (after I partially put stuff back where it belongs, although there’s still a lot of chaos):


The baseboard strips for the dining room cabinets were a little darker than I wanted but that was the closest shade Home Depot had in stock and I didn’t feel like dealing with unfinished stripping and staining/finishing it myself. I just want this project to be done, for fuck’s sake.

Also, Oliver installed the handles on the over-fridge cabinet and fixed the incorrectly-installed drawer runner on the lower pots-and-pans drawer. He did not, in fact, remember to bring the right-of-sink cabinet’s door.

When I bought the door handles I’d bought a bunch of extras just in case, and had forgotten about the handles for the laundry room cabinets. Thankfully the number of extras I bought were exactly the right amount for the laundry room. So that’s convenient.

Anyway, here’s the list of what I think is left to do:

  • Replace the rest of the flooring in the laundry room
  • Replace the cabinets in the laundry room
  • Finish installing the baseboards and door thresholds (some of them are temporarily put in place but aren’t screwed down yet)
  • Some minor finishing work around the spice shelves
  • Install the cabinet door and handle to the right of the sink

That feels to me like it’s just 1-2 more days of work. Maybe three? If something isn’t done by the end of this week then something’s gone very wrong.

Anyway, as glad as I’ll be when this is finished, my cats will be even happier; they’re getting really frustrated with the whole displacement-of-litter-box situation, and the workers-keep-piling-stuff-in-front-of-the-food-bowl situation, and the loud-noises-including-barking-dog-ringtone situation.

Update: The dishwasher’s drain line is leaky, because its connection to the disposal is extremely loose. Ugh. Hopefully that’s an easy fix.


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