Trying to ramp up

Right now I seem to be in a situation where my brain is fired up about a whole bunch of different things, and I’m trying to figure out how to get myself actually working on any of it in a nontrivial capacity.

First, I was inspired to rewrite/flesh out the next little chunk of Lewi, and I’d like to get to drawing it.

Second, yesterday I had a great idea for a pair of VRChat avatars, which I have a lot of fun ideas for how to do them (especially with how the facial animation systems are going to work).

I’m still trying to get my health in check (even moreso now that I’ve had my annual bloodwork, the results of which were… not good) and I’ve been doing a pretty okay job at actually taking regular walks. What I’d like to do is, after I get home from walking 2-3 miles, is start streaming some project stuff on twitch. I was actually really close to following through on that plan today, but I ended up getting distracted with some stuff. But I feel like I get closer and closer every day.

On the plus side, I’m also feeling like my days aren’t totally wasted! I am getting some stuff done, like the rough character designs for the avatars, and the writing of comic scripts, and successful meal planning and prep, and today I also did a bit more tweaking to my critter avatar, which is part of what ended up distracting me from today’s twitch plans.

Anyway. I’m going to try to start putting daily WIP status updates on here as well as on my ko-fi and patreon. Maybe what I should do is set up something where supporters get a “supporters” role in Publ and then the Patreon/Ko-Fi entries just link to the blog post, because that makes things easier for me and also lets me be a lot more flexible about what goes into the WIP posts. There isn’t any really good clear integration path to do that automatically, though maybe there’s an API call I can make to get a list of supporters' email addresses and then just manually associate supporters' Authl logins with them. Or, y'know, the IndieWeb principle of “manual until it hurts” could also apply here too.

I did just look at the Ko-Fi API and it’s pretty easy to receive updates about subscribers at the time of payment but it doesn’t seem to provide any information about the subscriber that I can use to map it to an Authl identity. Patreon’s API also seems pretty tricky to work with, although it’d be possible to add it as an Authl identity at least (but then people would still need to sign in as a ‘friend’ vs. a ‘supporter’).

Okay look at me going down a problem-solving rabbit hole for something that’s not actually important. Oops.

Anyway. This is all just to say that I feel like maybe I’ll be finding happiness with working on stuff again, after forcing myself out of the doldrums through physical activity.

So, remember to subscribe to me on twitch and consider supporting me on ko-fi or Patreon as well. The pressure would be good for me.


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