2022 Washington State Primary: Senate Endorsements

Normally I rely entirely on The Stranger’s endorsements, because they do a thorough job of discussing all of the candidates and making a case for them. But their endorsement of Patty Murray rang a bit hollow, because they just talked about how much worse the Republican frontronner is, rather than talking about why the other left-wing candidates weren’t a choice worth considering.

So, I took it upon myself to read all of the other democrat/socalist/independent candidates to see if there’s anything they missed.

Henry Clay Dennison (Socialist Workers party)

Most of his statement is a reiteration of the Socialist Workers Party line, but then under “community service” he says:

Defending free speech and debate, and standing against anti-working class, anti-scientific “cancel culture” and “wokeism”..

He’s also very pro-Israel, in a conflating-Judaism-with-Israel way.

Mohammad Hassan Said (Democratic party)

His experience seems pretty decent, but he chose for his statement to be a tirade about how his medical license was revoked, veering into conspiracy theory territory. Whether it’s true or not, this is not the time or place to discuss those issues. It seems like he’s only running to make Patty Murray take his complaints seriously.

Dan Phan Doan (No Party)

No political experience, claims to have “the privileged[sic] to represent South Korea and Japan in giving advice on how to best run their newly democratic sovereignty with respect to their historical aspects that contributes to the overall development of their citizens today,” and his entire platform seems to be encouraging young people to get into politics. He is Very Smart™.

Dr. Pano Churchill (Democratic party)

His experience is having written a book about CRISPR and a self-published transhumanist treatise on reprogramming the brain to eliminate religion. The remainder of his platform is a bunch of platitudes about equality. No policy is discussed.

Sam Cusmir (Democratic party)

He made money doing real estate and inveseting. Now he wants to make those good choices for the people. Also COVID’s, like, bad and stuff.

Jon Butler (Independent)

“Go duckduckgo or google #familycourtreformchallenge, to find out more about me.” I did. It didn’t help. His candidacy statement is mostly aspirations towards helping with local policy. My dude, that is not the role of a federal senator.

Bryan Solstin (Democratic party)

literally wants to use Bitcoin to solve inflation

Martin D. Hash (no party)

I’ll let him speak for himself:

As the world’s only-ever simultaneously licensed doctor, lawyer, accountant & engineer, plus business owner & creative; al lkinds of people can talk with me about highly complicated issues. I have traditional values but willing to change my mind when the facts change. I cannot be bribed, intimidated nor extorted, and have no vices: I’m the kind of qualified and incorruptible citizen who should be in Congress.

This is followed by an ad for his book on Kindle to explain his positions. I couldn’t find the book he mentioned, so I’ll just leave you with this.

Thor Amundson (Independent)

Other professional experience: Watching C-Span for 30 years

Platform: Give people free off-grid homesteads. Also C-Span should be more entertaining.

Chuck Jackson (Independent)

Elected experience: Have read the constitution and the bill of rights.

His website is certainly a website you can look at

Naz Paul (Independent)

  • Elected experience: none
  • Professional experience: none
  • Education: none
  • Community service: none
  • Statement: long-winded ramble about how centrism is the way

Ravin Pierre (Democratic)

This one is worth just reading on your own. Trust me, I’ll wait.

Did you read it?

So yeah, that was a thing.

I liked the suggestion that politicians and their staff should wear body cams like police do.

I didn’t care for the mic drop, though. Microphones are expensive!


sssssoooo yeah Patty Murray it is

This fucking state, man.


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