Small kitchen progress

Today all of the work was happening off-site, with the fabrication of my countertops. But! The new fan controller arrived, and I took the initiative to (partially) install it myself, to get it tested. It works, and it means that now there’s a path forward to update the outlet by the stove as well.


Also it turns out there was a miscommunication with Gil; Oliver correctly understood that I wanted to keep the pocket shelves for the spice cabinet (and just update/improve them), whereas Gil was under the impression I wanted to seal up the hole and put wall-mounted shelves there. Thankfully Gil asked me for clarification and now I believe we’re all on the same page.

Tomorrow I should be getting the countertops and sink installed (and hopefully the rest of the cabinets), and then on Wednesday the new dishwasher arrives, so hopefully at that point I’ll have a functional kitchen again! Although I won’t be quite ready to move back into the kitchen just yet, as there’s still the backsplash tile to install.

Also, because of today’s “Cyber Monday” sale I ended up ordering a Breville Bambino Plus while it was 20% off, as well as an upgraded basket, bottomless portafilter, calibrated tamper, and dosing funnel, getting me the espresso machine I wanted in the first place (and a lot more counter space). So obviously I’ll be attempting to sell my Gaggia and its accessories soon, and also I can get rid of my milk frother too! So that’s even more counter space savings.

Anyway. After all the kitchen stuff is done, we move on to the laundry room, which should hopefully be a much faster process, as that only has the floor and two cabinets to do. And then this house is one step closer to being done.


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