Vyvanse, day 1

Today was my first day trialing Vyvanse, just a single 10mg dose in the morning. I took it at around 9 AM, and felt it kick in at around 10. It gave me a slight headache, and a slight vague spacy feeling, with maybe a bit of… something that I’m having trouble describing. Almost like my spine was being squeezed from the inside? I don’t know.

My blood pressure and heart rate did rise up a little, but not to concerning levels; my rest pulse is usually 50-60 and my BP is usually 120/80, and on Vyvanse it peaked at around 75 and 135/85, respectively. Nothing terribly concerning, and not so much that I could feel it myself.

I don’t feel like I’m specifically more focused than usual, although my headspace is at least a bit less cluttered. And I’m definitely more alert than usual. It’s not quite how I felt on the two good days of Adderall, but it’s also not like, say, Concerta or Strattera which had me feeling frustrated and, well, colicky, for lack of a better term.1

Anyway. It was good to try this experiment on a day right before a weekend, since that means it won’t mess up the rest of my week if something went wrong, and also this was on a day I wasn’t expecting to be very productive anyway, what with the everything. I’ll be skipping it over the weekend but now I’m feeling a lot more optimistic about resuming it on Monday.

I also got a big box of Penguin Mints in the mail today. They’re purely Sorbitol-sweetened now so they don’t give me headaches (or phenylalanine, not that the phenylalanine supplements I was trying were effective anyway) but having a trickle of caffeine may or may not help with things. Or maybe this was a terrible idea and will cause way more harm. Who knows. It’s definitely way too easy to eat a lot of these, though, but so far it just seems to be extending this weird inward mellow that I’m feeling from the Vyvanse.

So, who knows, maybe this will be something that lasts.

I wonder how this will make me feel when I drive to Port Angeles in a few weeks.

I do have a weird urge to catch up on a bunch of cleaning, though.

  1. Meaning infant colic; apparently “adult colic” is a completely different thing. TIL. 


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