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It looks like there are some percent-20 characters I need to clean up and I should try to show your posts in chronological order—so this has already been great for catching problems.

Yep, I’d noticed you weren’t handling spaces or dt-published. Glad you caught that too. :)

One thing to keep in mind is that your posts will really only show up under the first tag in the list.

Makes sense. What happens if I change what the primary tag is, and then re-ping?

Anyway, great work on Publ. It’s cool to see what you’re doing with logins—love the idea of IndieAuth on

Just to clarify, Publ can’t run on as far as I know (it needs the ability to run WSGI apps); my mention of was specifically about people having their IndieWeb profile live on there but delegating IndieAuth to an external endpoint (e.g. IndieLogin) – in theory a user could delegate to an external endpoint which spoofs a different identity (such as AnyAuth), which is an issue with the URL validation step of the IndieAuth spec.

Authl’s URL validation already adopts my proposed change, where the validated URL must be more specific than the requested one (for example, can become or, but it can’t become or


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