iPhone grrrr

Okay, so, here’s the error which caused me to downgrade to my iPhone 6s:

The iPhone "Ruby" cannot be synced. There are too many open files currently.

This was only happening on the XR, though (not on my iPod Touch, iPod Classic, or either iPad), and my iPhone 6S was working just fine.

Today I was actually pretty pleased with using the iPhone 6S and generally liking it better than the XR for the reasons I thought I would – it’s smaller, lighter, less obtrusive, and frankly less annoying to deal with overall. So I decided I’d buy a new battery for it and try my hand at that, since it doesn’t seem all that hard after all (and all of the battery cases I could find had critical problems like being too big or heavy or having connector failure or catching on fire).

So I got home and synced it:

The iPhone "shelby" cannot be synced. There are too many files open currently.


So I posted a complaint about this to the usual Slack I gripe about this issue on and someone linked to an old Apple thread and said:

Did you try the seemingly unrelated options of turning off iTunes/home sharing?

which I have now done.

And a sync succeeded.


Wellp. Guess I’ll see if this fixed it on the XR too and then I’ll have to decide whether I want to stick with the 6S (and sell the XR) or go back to 6S as spare, XR as everyday device. Because for all my bluster about the 6S being great, there are some advantages to the XR too, and honestly it was mostly my bitterness about it not syncing to iTunes that had me fed up with it.

So I did another XR sync. Because that had a failure rate of 100%…

…and it failed. Yay? I guess?

Well then. Hopefully the 6S battery upgrade goes well and then I can just sell this c̬͖͚͇̻̥u̴r̶̭̲͍̫̘̬͚s͎̙̣̪͉ͅe̳͞d҉̼͇̼ ̢̼̙̲̲i̸̜̬P̫͔̦̹̫h̷̻o̡̹̳̣͈͚n̦̺̳͙͚̱e҉̙̦̲̯̞̗̩.


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