Vaccine cache

Today I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Whew. I’m expecting the next few days to really suck with side-effects so I stocked up on a bunch of easy-to-make food. My dining room is still a bit of a disaster though, and right now it’s even worse because I took delivery of my new TV console today and the box is like… in the dining room. And a bunch of other boxes and stuff are on the table. Oops.

Also I bought some more NVMe drives, one for my Windows PC (for when I start actually using it for gaming and streaming again, hopefully soon!) and one for my Synology NAS so that I could enable the SSD write cache. In initial tests I am now able to write to my NAS at a full gigabit transfer rate over the network, so that’s pretty darn cool! This should make it a lot easier for me to manage my files. I’ll still probably work on current projects directly from my desktop computer but this’ll make it a lot easier if I have to delve into archives (and putting archived projects on the NAS in the first place), as well as making my backups much quicker.

This morning I checked on my composter and it was still just 85°F inside, but some of the bulkier stuff (namely the compostable packing material I stuffed inside) is already starting to break down. Right now I’m wishing this thing had a crank because trying to turn it manually is rather difficult with how much mass is already inside. I wonder if adding water would help… probably not, it should have plenty from the biomass that’s inside already.

Have some cat pictures:


Oh also after discussing some stuff with my realtor we’ve decided to drop the asking price on my condo to where I wanted to put it in the first place. She admits that she was being overly optimistic and that getting it below a psychological barrier price is pretty important. And even if it “only” sells for the new asking price I’ll be pretty happy! It’ll be a tidy profit over what I paid for it, and it’ll be a huge amount of sudden liquid cash that I can use to build my studio and do a bunch of other projects on this house (as well as having a sizable safety net for my inevitable tech burnout).

Oh also! While I’m still having some of the neck and shoulder pain from yesterday, it isn’t too bad. I think the stretching regimen I’ve been doing has been helpful. Good thing, since I’m probably going to be sore all over starting in a couple hours!


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