It’s April 1, and nobody seems to have noticed the little joke I put on my site, or at least didn’t react to it. Which is fine, it was mostly a last-minute commentary on web UX patterns and so on.

(If you’re seeing this in the future, I added a GDPR compliance popover that prompts you with, “This website uses cookies to remember if you’ve clicked this button,” and a button which reads “I clicked it.”)

Anyway! It’s been a few days since my last post and I’m feeling somewhat better right now, so I’d might as well share what’s changed.

So, we went back to Quincy for the opening of the museum, and because of the timing involved I needed to go to bed early. The previous day I had gotten very little sleep due to pain, so going to bed early (with the assistance of melatonin) was pretty easy.

Getting a good night’s sleep made for me being in less pain than usual on Saturday. That night I once again managed to get to bed at a reasonable time, and slept a reasonable amount. Then Sunday I got to bed at a reasonable time, and slept a reasonable amount.

Oh, also, I’ve switched back to the nasal mask on my CPAP, and that’s felt a bit more comfortable and doesn’t wake me up as much, again.

So, yeah, today I woke up in the morning feeling pretty low-pain and reasonably high-energy. Not like I feel grrrrrrrreat levels, but still, pretty good!

I do still need to find out about the followup sleep study, though. I’m still noticing wakeups and irregularities, as well as the occasional hypnic jerk. At least today I’m not falling asleep at work though (although that might be because I’m juggling like three things at once, not counting writing this blog entry which I really shouldn’t be doing but I’m waiting for some of those things to finish).

So, because I didn’t do one last night, here’s a usual monthly wrap-up!

March wrap-up

March kinda flew by, but here’s a summary of what I did:

  • Blogged somewhat about pain getting better, then relapsing
  • Went to Quincy twice (see above), and did a bunch of work for the app (mostly video and audio editing)
  • Released an EP from last month’s music stuff
  • Deleted my Patreon (although it turns out it still exists, it’s just in a “draft” mode now)
  • Added a chatter section for when I get in a conversation on the IndieWeb, to keep it from polluting the blog proper
  • Added a tagging system to Publ, and backfilled a bunch of tags throughout my site
  • Backfilled a bunch of missing photo galleries
  • Had a weird-ass dream which inspired me to add a neologism section (which still needs some better/more-appropriate layout)
  • Drew a comic about why I’m not drawing any comics (makes sense…)
  • Rewrote Pushl to use asyncio, and now it’s way faster and more stable
  • Also did a bunch of other stuff on Publ:
    • Improved image cropping (which started out as my first third-party contribution! Thanks!)
    • Finally implemented missing-file pruning
    • Made the testing process way simpler and more self-contained
    • Improved some metadata management
    • Apply EXIF Orientation metadata correctly
    • Finally make the rendition cache expire stuff based on rendition algorithm changes (mostly in service of the above but it’d been a niggle for a while)
    • Lots and lots of tiny fixups too
  • Somehow found time to stream a few times (but not as much as February)

Wow, I did a lot last month.

April plans

Aside from day job and other job duties, I intend to do the following stuff:

  • Work on Publ and Pushl some more
    • Likely addition: template-specific image arguments
    • Less likely addition: finally work on some dang basic auth features like I’ve only been talking about for what seems like forever now
    • Long overdue: put an actual features/demo section on the Publ site
  • Work on music
  • Maybe draw some comics even though that seems to be my lowest priority
  • Backfill more photography (I have a lot of stuff that’s just living on my NAS!)
  • Also clean up some of my website templates now that I have a better idea of how to structure them
  • Try to maintain a reasonable sleep cycle

That last one feels pretty difficult, but I’ll try to manage!


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