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Yes, it’s true

2010/03/01 12:00 AM

The new series is Pernicious, only done how I originally intended it (cartoony, tropey, and self-referential). Please enjoy.

I might miss Monday

2010/03/05 12:00 AM

I hate to do this to everyone, especially so soon into a new(ish) series, but there probably won’t be a comic for Monday, since I have to do some last-minute family-related travel over the weekend.

UPDATE: Monday is safe. The rest of the week may be in peril but I’ll probably be fine.

Apologies for this week

2010/03/24 12:03 AM

This is a Unicode representation of how much pain I’m in combined with how much other stress I’m under right now: ●

Similarly, this is about how much I care about making a decent comic right now in light of that: .↑ (The arrow is just a visual aid to help you find it)